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Come and study in Romania

While studying in Romania you will experience the exciting blend of tradition and modernity and you will notice opportunities for personal and professional development. As an EU country, Romania currently applies the Bologna system, especially in high education, which means that the study period is structured as three years for bachelor’s degree, two years for master’s degree and three years for doctoral studies. By choosing to pursue graduate studies you are embarking upon a great adventure.

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The TORSA team is on hand to answer any questions you have and to provide you with a personal experience from start to finish.

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Our TORSA plan provides advice and guidance for enjoying exceptional scholarly environment in the most beautiful and livable cities of Romania.

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With 7 monuments registered as UNESCO Patrimony, breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural mosaic, tasty food and friendly people, Romania will amaze you!

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Studying in Romania will give you “a once in a lifetime experience”, considering the international students’ academic tradition. The student satisfaction is linked to learning quality and city atmosphere, culture and social life. While some cities in Romania gain high points for “affordability” (low tuition fees), others stand out for their large selection of prestigious universities, high quality of living, or large student community.

We encourage you to fully engage with the TORSA community – be inspired and learn from the amazing array of people here about Romania. The academics including accessible language of instruction, level of education, recognition and reputation, research, subject, teaching and teachers will give you a study experience under constant development.

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